The actual color of the Black Sea

My trip to Bulgaria included a lot of firsts. I did a lot of things I thought I’d never do. I told everyone I’d never go to a country where I couldn’t speak the language. I’d especially never go to a place where they wrote in Cyrillic, which of course I couldn’t read. And I’d certainly never fly to Eastern Europe 2 weeks after I was invited. Oh wrong, wrong wrong! And so, I got to see the Black Sea.
Which isn’t black. Apparently the origin of the name has something to do with the fact that it was very hard to navigate. That is no longer true.
So here I was on the beach of this beautiful body of water. It was glorious (I was in the shade, enjoying that fact) and I really tried to paint what I saw. Turquoise. Dark blue. Green. Gold. This painting is for sale, all proceeds go to endangered species conservation…

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