Harvesting the Pacific Northwest Grandeur.

llumberjacksThe first white settlers of the Oregon Territory discovered that the riches were in wood and salmon. Flocks of hardy men came from all over the world to harvest this wood, some of it 1000 year old trees, many of these trees stood over 300 feet tall and their girths were often over 50 feet. Long before the invention of gas powered chainsaws, they had to saw behemoths like this one by hand. It was a tough dangerous job, and many lumberjacks did not survive or ended up maimed. Sadly, most of these trees are gone since they did their job well.
Luckily for us, there are a few trees left standing that demonstrate the immensity of the trees that are now gone. Here is a link that tells you where some of them are.
This painting is not for sale.

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