Category: historic

  • Enough of family!

    This man was standing around waiting, ready for work in 1897, coincidentally the same year three of my grandparents were born. He worked for the telegraph company. I imagine he could shinny up a pole faster than I can text a message on my cellphone. This painting is for sale.

  • I did it! – Tom Torchia 1948

    My grandfather was a very special person in my life. He had serenity in a chaotic word, he was patient and affectionate with annoying children like myself, and he liked to laugh. As a very young man, he escaped poverty in Calabria by getting on a boat and starting a new life in the United…

  • Old Time Music – All in the family

    It seems that we have a family tradition, it is old time music. Donald’s mother remembers her own grandfather playing fiddle tunes. My son is lucky enough to own the fiddle he played them on. Little did we know that so many years ago that old time music would bring so many different parts of…

  • 1950 Buick Roadmaster

    Twas a time when gas was so cheap, that luxury cars could weigh tons.  And to some people, my uncle Charlie Malle, in fact, a car was a thing of beauty.  He spent a lot of time waxing and shining his cars. This is his Buick Roadmaster.  Decorating the hood is my Aunt Tess.

  • Light Rail in South East Seattle!

    Ever since I rode the tram to Rome, I have been excited about Light Rail, so when our lives were disrupted for over 3 years of construction, I was a lot more patient with it than you might expect from me. And yesterday, July 18th was opening day. Here in my neighborhood, they planned a…