Month: December 2020

  • Watercolor portraits of humans

    My main “thing” is painting watercolors, and I have done so many, I have asked other people to help me choose their favorites. Here are a few of the watercolor portraits I’ve done recently. It looks like I am focusing more on African Americans here, maybe I am, because Black Lives Matter. And art can…

  • portraits with fountain pens

    For Inktober, I decided to just draw a face a day. I use two fountain pens for this; a Nemosine Singularity extra fine for the tiny details, and a Leonardo Officina Bold for the bigger strokes. Here are a few of my favorites

  • portraits with a brush pen

    I recently discovered Sktchy, an app that joins artists with people sharing their photos (most of them are artists too). It was love at first time. Free, easy access to really good reference photos of people from all over the world. Sharing with other artists, all of us trying to do the same thing, capture…