Month: February 2018

  • The view from the food dish

    I have really been enjoying the quality of the photos that has been coming from  facebook. Some of them really caught my eye, endearing, but not traditional views of cats. I decided to make a series of them. They will be featured for sale at a later date. Maxi is one of the featured cats.…

  • The Ginger gang

    Il Gattaro di Aleppo is one of my favorite charities. This man has shown so much courage and diligence, that I just can’t seem to do enough for him. I’ve been donating paintings to his cause for about a year now. I get to do paintings that challenge and inspire me, and I also get…

  • January Challenge

    As usual, Ruthie gave me all sorts of fun challenges for the 30 days in January 15 minutes a day drawing challenge, but this one was my favorite. I had to depict my pet in a famous painting. So I chose Enza, who is 18 and always posing for me.