Month: July 2016

  • summer rain

    July is usually a pretty dry month here in Seattle, and when it does rain, it normally doesn’t even register more than a trace. But this morning, We were awakened by the noise of rain drops, and it rained for quite a while. It even thundered, once. I looked into my back yard and the…

  • A cat in primary colors

    Just for fun, a little abstract cat. Enza was my model, but she didn’t stick around very long. This kitty needs a home. If you buy it for $30.00, I will donate $30 to International Society of Endangered Cats. It supports research and conservation of wild cat species all over the world.

  • Inside passage

    It’s not often that I paint places that I’ve not seen with my own eyes; but I’ve had a snapshot of this ever since Donald went to Alaska without me. It was one of my tiny regrets, I could have taken a day or two of vacation and gone with him, but I hesitated, and…