Month: November 2009

  • At the end of graveyard shift

    This is painted on a 1/4 sheet of a sheet of yellow colored handmade watercolor paper. Taken from an old family photograph, this image evokes the life of a police officer stationed on graveyard duty. He comes home and tries to relax with the Sunday comics, before the day has dawned. This painting is for…

  • Beloved son

    Another challenging commission, this handsome young man; reference was a photo of a photo. The commission was bittersweet, as this young man who was bursting with health and vigor is now deceased. Hopefully, this painting gave the family a sweet memory of him

  • One last glance at Autumn Colors

    The season of Autumn has flown by us, the trees seemed to hold their leaves forever, and they were resplendent. One day this week I saw the wind come up and I knew, these leaves were destined to finally fall. And this is pretty much like what it looked like from my window.

  • Autumn Color

    As I rushed around, doing my chores today, I could not ignore the glorious colors evident everywhere I turned. This is a scene painted from right outside my front door.