Month: May 2008

  • Sitting in the sun, listening to music

    Seattle’s folklife Festival this year was sunny and mild. People came out in hordes to listen to the music. These children and this man were listening to Celtic music while basking in the gentle afternoon sun.

  • Another lake view sunset

    Why is there such a comfort to see that someone is at home? Even as the sun has set, the last rays make rainbows in the sky.

  • Sunset over the lake

    This primordial scene is full of hope for spring.What is it about the sky, that creates such a wonderful display of color, every evening for just a few minutes. Science or magic or something more esoteric, the painter strives to portray the majesty of those few moments before the night overtakes the day.

  • Rush Hour – part II

    The second of a series of Bike Commuters. This painting depicts to me the wonderful feeling of passing a bunch of cars stuck in traffic.

  • Rush Hour

    In celebration of bike to work month, a view of cyclists enjoying their daily commute. These paintings are for sale.