Waiting for that woman

He’s waited for what seems like his whole life for her. He just knows if they were together, it would be magic, paradise. They would sing, dance, have beautiful children, they’d own a beautiful car and a big house. But she’s not ready to settle down with him. So he just keeps waiting.

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27 thoughts on “Waiting for that woman”

  1. WOW… This is wonderful. What a great story for the character you created. I am loving the red door behind him. So talented!! PS I hope he doesn’t have to wait long. 🙂

  2. oh my gosh thats so beautiful , the words and the painting,, just beautiful.i almost for got to thankyou for visiting today I was so enthralled by this work,, beautiful.Those are the birds that sit around with thier wings drying out,, yup,, thats them.( I’m referring to your comment on my blog) lol, just in case you thing I’m a crazy person,,

  3. Great painting and a wonderful back story – I see him in a different light – before I think I would’ve thought he was a bit of a wide boy, chilling on the streets in the Bronx or somewhere waiting to get up to no good!

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