Three Randonneurs

Last week I attended a bicycle club meeting. It was hard to not notice the chiseled features of these men, each of whom have bicycled literally thousands of miles just in the last year. The discussion was heated, opinions varied, but still they stood in a row while I wished I could sketch them. With scant moments available, I pulled out my pencil and started to sketch. I had almost captured them when the meeting broke up. I actually had asked my husband to snap a photo so I could finish my sketch later, but it was so dark in there he was unable to get a photo that was not blurred. I took it home and finished it with his blurry photo for shadow reference and my Pitt pens.

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  1. Lesley, cyclists are just as human as anyone else.. The issue was about “Being fair” teehee. Riding for these guys IS a joy. and thanks for the compliments.

  2. I don’t understand why a bicycle club meeting should ever be ‘heated.’ Riding is suppose to be a joy. Your painting is amazing. You really captured the tense nature of the moment. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Very well captured!

    BTW Mimi – the blog poll issues on either on their end or the internet. Thanks for bringing to our attention but there is little I can do. It seems like the incidents of hacking have increased dramatically this week with the RIM/Blackberry issues etc.

  4. Love your style and how you captured what they were doing, so serious looking. They look like they mean business. Thx for sharing.

  5. Mimi, how awesome! I love the way you captured their attitudes with the folded arms and set jaws. Amazing art. So glad you shared this.

  6. You did a good job capturing the men. They do look formidable….I’m sure they’re very strong if they ride so many miles.

  7. The painting is amazing. I feel like I’m there. I agree Pitt pens are very limiting, but sometimes they do the trick like nothing else. . . . Dagnabit. Blessings, Janet

  8. I like them but they are extremely limiting. And once you’ve gone through a pen point, it needs to be replaced. I will continue to play with them, but I can’t see them replacing watercolors for me.

  9. I think Pitt pen may be your next medium. I think it would be hard to make them look like art work instead of, well, just markers. You make the light and shadows really work!

  10. Gosh Mimi, You really captured their essence. I can just imagine them standing there so serious and unmoving. The position of their arms letting bystanders know that they would not budge. You did a great job on this one.

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