Thirty day challenge – collage

PicMonkey Collage

What a month! I made a collage of all the work I did.
I sold ten paintings out of thirty, and made almost 400 dollars for endangered species conservation! There are several more of these paintings for sale. If you travel backwards on this blog, you can see which are available and which are not.

And I forgot poor Enza! shadesofenza1

Next month, I will be focusing on faces.



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9 responses to “Thirty day challenge – collage”

  1. Jean Avatar

    You are incredibly productive, mimi.

  2. Rachel C Avatar
    Rachel C

    nice work Mimi!!!

  3. Sue Pownall Avatar

    Congratulations Mimi.

  4. Karin Naylor Avatar

    I, too, have enjoyed seeing your paintings during the 30 Days, especially your depictions of life and people around you. I love your collage. It is so interesting to look at. And there is something about that older woman looking over the balcony that just brings back a lost memory somewhere in me. I, too, am looking forward to see what you do with faces…that is what I also want to concentrate on more.

  5. Tricia Avatar

    Very impressive, Mimi! I’ve been enjoying seeing them all month. And I just love seeing them all together like this, such wonderful colors!

  6. bhavani krishnan Avatar

    Congratulations Mimi on completing the challenge and on your sales. Your collage looks wonderful.

  7. Srishti Avatar

    that is such a great and noble achievement Mimi! Congratulations! And what a bunch of beautiful paintings! Lovely soft colors! I appreciate our friendship!

    1. admin Avatar

      it is really fun to see the colors of an artist that show up when you collage all their work!!

  8. Meredith Adler Avatar

    Congratulations on the sales, Mimi, and especially on the paintings…they are wonderful to see all together like this. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with faces. So glad we met through this challenge…

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