The Lady in Green

She’s back, yes, I had to paint the lady in green again. Why? I am not sure I can answer that. Why is one woman at a party sad and conflicted? Was someone cruel to her? Was she threatened? Will she be in trouble when she gets home? What is clouding the brow of this lovely young face? Did she ever tell anyone? The mystery of this woman’s face really haunts me. Somehow, I feel like I am getting closer to expressing her pain and sharing it with you. This time I gave her hair a more modern appearance. I hope no one minds.

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9 thoughts on “The Lady in Green”

  1. Lovely lady. I caught myself staring trying to read into her expression. Very interesting. 🙂 Linking to your blog.
    slogsdon (swap-bot) – Blog Me, Baby

  2. I like the enigmatic quality of your 1st portrait, which goes well with the 1920s feel. This modern version seems sadder, but still has a captivating expression, in a different way from the first one. (I hope that makes sense).

  3. This painting of the lady in green is truly captivating. Just her expressions make way for so much, and I like your enquiry into what possibly could be on her mind. People are very interesting, that’s for sure. 🙂

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