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  • Carlisle, a pretty kitten who wants to get adopted

    Once again I am featuring the painting of a kitten from Kitty Harbor who was up for adoption. If Carlisle isn’t still up for adoption, I bet they have another kitten who is almost as handsome. This painting measures 6.25″ x 8.25″ and is painted on fine arches paper with transparent watercolors. It is for […]

  • Pick of the litter

    Isn’t she adorable? She’s up for adoption. I have had a few calico cats in my life. Of all the cats they have the most fun markings, but can still get lost in dappled shade because of their protective coloring. This little cat is hoping to be adopted this weekend at Kitty Harbor. If you […]

  • Barbie – 1995-2011

    When my sons were still in their teens and living at home, we decided the house needed a kitten. We started looking for one, and one day my mother called me, she had found an ideal kitten, tiny, friendly, a little silver tabby. We brought her home and we named her Barbie-Q. That name was […]

  • Cream puff — a California cat

    I liked the way Cream puff posed for me so much that I painted her again, this time on fine Arches paper measuring 7″ x 10″. The colors and the paper cooperated with each other to make wonderful designs in the background.