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Painting outside in February

February 24th, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

beehivesAs part of Tom Hoffmann’s class, we went to the Arboretum yesterday evening. It being February in Seattle, there is only a small window of time where I can stay outside comfortably. I discovered bee boxes and thought it would be fun to paint them. This was a display of old and new; once upon a time, bees were raised in hollow stumps; the stump side by side with a modern kind of hive. It was actually exhilarating to be outside painting. All the senses wake up. Note to self: must do again!

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  1. February 24th, 2016 at 15:54 | #1

    this is very nice , i probally would haver frozen to death . especialy here in upper ny state . probally there too.

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