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Out for a walk

October 25th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

All over Italy, you can find them. Retired gentleman out for their walk “Passeggiata” it is called. This is one thing that Italian culture espouses that our does not. People go on walks. Old and young, all over Italy, out for passeggiata. In some places, it is more prevalent than others; like Cefalu’ and Pozzuoli; where you can find people of every age out walking every evening.
In Sersale, three of my young Italian friends took me on a tour of the old part of town. We ran like mountain goats up and down the steep and narrow streets, many never meant for cars. At one point, we saw this man; I thought he was cute with his hands held high behind his back. One of the girls said “They all walk like that!” realizing how iconic his pose was, I snapped his picture; another scene that might be fun to paint. This 5″ x 7″ hand painted watercolor is SOLD!

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  1. October 26th, 2012 at 19:21 | #1

    The gesture of his hands says so much about him. Good to have a camera at all times! I should try to take my own advice…

  2. October 26th, 2012 at 12:10 | #2

    Dear Mimi, this posting reminds me that I meant to take a walk today. It’s chilly out but I’ve got a warm coat, mittens, and cap. So no excuse! Peace.

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