my life in cartoons – part two

This is the second half of my long, detailed autobiography that i did for a mail art project.

If you can’t read it, click on the picture until you get a larger view.

Second Page of Mimi's story

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4 thoughts on “my life in cartoons – part two”

  1. Dear Mimi, I so enjoyed the two postings, starting from your childhood view of the Empire State Building to having a horse to meeting Donald–was his hair red?–to dreams and marriage and two boys and then Donald’s death and your love of Italy. The way you showed your dream of the two of you walking off into the sunset and then Donald’s death spiraling away from that was a stroke of genius. Lovely art and evocative story. Thank you for sharing it. Peace.

  2. OMG. these are so fabulous, Mimi. I just love them. Just they way they are. Don’t change a thing! The writing, the painting…they are so delightful. You are an inspiration …

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