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My best friend


Growing up, many little girls fall in love with horses. A few lucky ones actually get to be around horses and even fewer to have horses of their own. Acting out my own dream, I moved to Idaho when I was 18 years old, and by the time I was 21, I owned my own horse. I learned to ride them, care for and train them, and finally, I even had the opportunity to live with my own horse just outside my door when I lived in Eagle.

The little girl in the painting grew up with horses, and sits astride her faithful steed, who was probably mature before she was born. I dedicate this painting to someone I know that actually did grow up this way, and throughout her life, she has displayed the horse sense she probably was taught by horses; Mari Whitmer.

Painting is for sale $175.00 it’s an 11 x 15″ watercolor on fine watercolor paper. All proceeds of sales go to wild animal conservation.

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