Milanese little shop of horrors

There was just one day for me to walk the streets of Milan, check out the little shops, and hang out in the piazzas so I was very happy when a native Milanese who worked with Elena drew me a map. “Go here, there’s lots of things to see.” Armed with that little map, I was off. The streets was narrow, there was no parking and it was very difficult to see how cars managed to get through. I saw many bicyclists, some talking on cell phones or smoking negotiating the cobblestones and the cars. The sidewalk was less than two feet across, so if someone came from the opposite direction, you might end up in the street trying to get around them.. where those cars and cyclists were.

One of the little shops drew my attention. There were miniature skulls in the window. Now that’s odd. I looked inside and saw all kinds of skulls; big animals, small animals, animals with horns, as well as some skeletons. I had to go in there! There were tiny skulls carved from semiprecious stones, and even paintings of bones and things, but there were real bones too. It was just a tiny place, the size of a small living room, cluttered and full of wonders, many clearly ancient. And there was a guard dog. He met me outside of the shop, but by the time I got to the back, he was relaxing on this overstuffed dark red leather sofa. I drew close to the displays of the tiniest carved skulls and creatures to see if I could find a price. I had enough class not to gasp and drew away from the tantalizing display. Fortunately the proprietor permitted me to take a photo of his dog..

(new! you can click on the painting to see an enlargement of it)

This painting is for sale

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4 Responses to Milanese little shop of horrors

  1. ewww what a strange thing to sell. My old roof in Calabria had odd bones tucked into it, maybe I should have sold them instead of throwing them away!

  2. admin says:

    yes, the stuff in that store was very expensive. I only looked at a few prices. No trinkets for me there!

  3. So interesting… That was all he sold??? I wonder if he did much business…
    I take it the skulls were very expensive….

  4. Lovely little cultural treat!

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