Meet me at Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach is a rough jewel on the Washington coastline. About 30 miles south of Forks, it is so far from any civilization that it will probably always remain pristine and isolated. My family discovered this spot on a weekend tour of the Washington coast when our sons were small. We loved exploring the coastline, and I always meant to get back there. We rediscovered it a couple years ago and it became our favorite spot on the planet.

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21 thoughts on “Meet me at Ruby Beach”

  1. What a stunning view!

    Thank you so much Mimi for being our Featured Artist of the week at PPF! Your portraits and your landscapes are truly stunning. I look forward to seeing the creativity that retirement (or your new art career) bring to you!

  2. I can see why it’s your favorite spot. Beautiful painting! I’ll have to look for this place on my next trip (and I swear there will be many more trips to this part of the world in my future!).

  3. Gorgeous painting of a beautiful and very special place. Wonderful discovery! Shush, I won’t tell a soul!
    Enjoyed your interview, learning more about you and your terrific portraits. I like seeing them each time I come back to make more comments on blogs. Love Obama’s hands!

  4. This is beautiful. I can see why it is a favorite spot. I enjoyed reading your interview with PPF. It was so nice to get to know more about you. I love your portrait of President Obama.

  5. what a fantastic beach – love the mystery of the rocks. I see you have found our friend Willow in canada 😉 mind bending stuff. Loved reading your biography BTW!

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