Mamma plays bass

After a brief hiatus, I picked up the brushes again today. Last night I went to the inaugural concert of the Lake Washington Symphony Orchestra. My son, a french horn player, is a part of this group and he more or less told me I HAD to go because I would like the music. He’s right, I did; the music is the kind of stuff we love, we being; my recently departed mother, my husband and me. My son, of course, loves to play it.
So… truth, I used to play bass in a band. We played square dance music, nothing as complicated as what they were playing last night. But ever since, I am partial to basses, and these three contrabasses were no exception. I had a good time sketching them in the dark and knew they would make a great painting.
This painting measures 15 x 20 inches and is offered for sale at $300.00. In a departure from my normal funding, if this painting is sold, the proceeds go directly to
Lake Washington Symphony Orchestra.

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