reference photo taken by David Katz
Why do some people look presidential? Why do some people inspire hope when they speak? I guess Barack Obama did these things for me, so in return I decided I would try to paint his face.
In this painting, Barack is staring pensively into the future. His white shirt reflects many colors, and the sky is full of color too. Barack represents all of us, and the rekindling of hope in us.

Copies of this painting are available. they are high quality art prints, 8″ x10″ on watercolor paper, hand signed by me. I am asking $40 for the print plus $6 for shipping.

This painting is for sale.


22 thoughts on “Looking Presidential

  1. Crow Calling Woman says:

    Oh my, you have really captured a moment in deep thought there. I wonder what he was thinking when that photo was taken? Maybe “What have I gotten myself into?” or “How the **ck am I gonna turn this country around?”

    Found this blog post through your siggy link on the wetcanvas forum.

  2. Mimi… I followed your link here (somewhat late in the day !) after your kind comment today in WC! about my exhibition thread ….. I LOVE this portrait…..and your reasoning for why you have painted it this way…… superb work …..


  3. this is gorgeous-I’m sure Mr. Obama would be honoured to see this lovely work! I love your Italian door demo-looks so inviting!!May God bless you in future endeavours!!

  4. Sandy Maudlin says:

    Visiting your blog for the first time – enchanting and intriquing to peek into your art and travel life. Your paintings are gorgeous, and I especially like the contemplative sense in Obama’s painting.

  5. This is fantastic Mimi…I hope you don’t feel like I have been ignoring you… I have truly been flat out with that magazine article and very anxious over it…and haven’t really had a chance to visit my blogger buddies as much as I would like….but it’s over now and in the mail…

    I am so proud of you and I am most happy for you!
    Congratulations on the sale of the prints.

    Just my thoughts…
    I can’t help though but feel sorry that in this day and age people still see in B&W

    Obama is just a man…. a very beautiful man it seems… and it is a pity that he is viewed in terms of colour… it could have been an Asian who was elected President…were people going to call this person ‘yellow!’
    Like I said…just my thoughts…

    You are doing well and your portraits are just getting better and better…and I am proud to know you!

    Love to you,

  6. MimiTabby,

    I just ordered the Obama portrait. Makes me feel good. I see that you also do paintings from photographs, does that include pets? You also have my home email. Murphy is one of my Golden Retrievers.

  7. Oh, hi again, Mimi!

    I notice you just now visited “Does Not Widsom Call?”.

    I have just finished posting your amazing protrait on “Child of Illusion”.

    More later. Must fly now as I have an appointment coming up.

  8. I came over here from Democratic Underground.

    This is SO beautiful!

    I will post it on one of my blogs (the political one) and link people back here. I hope you get some business that way!

  9. Morgan L Evans says:

    I’d be interested in getting at least one copy of this if you do make them available. Should I drop a note in your D-U box? Thanks.


  10. Oh Mimi, that’s beautiful. I love how the background suggests a rainbow without being in-your-face about it. And how his pose could be interpreted as either deep thought or prayer. I think you should send a copy to the transition office.

  11. yes, I do paintings from photographs. Yes, you can buy this. Please give me a day or so to find out how much it will cost to make copies. Thanks

  12. Beautiful, gorgeous, inspiring. You have a gift. Can I buy this? You could make “Inauguration Keepsakes” from this. Wow. Do you accept commissioned paintings from photographs?

    You should be famous.

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