Jump like a Comet!

I had to wait to post this because the painting was a surprise and a Christmas present for my nephew’s wonderful wife. It’s the first formal horse portrait I have ever done and it was very exciting to pull it off. This is Comet, who is no longer a teenager, but he has been extremely well taken care of, and he obviously loves to jump. The reference photo for this portrait was taken at the Whidbey Island 2010 Horse Show.

I am very excited about painting horses and hope to add more to my body of work. I used to have horses of my own in the 1970’s and although I doubt that I will ever own another horse, I still love to watch them move, and thus, capture them in paint.

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6 thoughts on “Jump like a Comet!”

  1. Wow! I’m awestruck by the way you’ve managed to capture the power, the grace, and the movement of a horse in mid-jump. Superb! I’ll hope to see more horse paintings in 2011.

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