Flowers for Donald

Why send a card when you can paint a painting? I have been doing some painting exercises all week and decided it was time to paint something pretty. I hope you like it; he does.

25 responses to “Flowers for Donald”

  1. Super gorgeous..wonderful piece..the color palette is so the color of the vase as are inspiring..wonderful work!

  2. Beautiful painting, how lovely to get one as a card. I’m afraid I’m not organized enough yet to think up things like that with enough time ahead of the occasion! Thanks for stopping by my place; you can see more of my cats on various products at Hysong Designs I’m thinking I haven’t got the kitten you liked up as cards or postcards yet, (not enough hours in a day!) but I can put them on whichever product you like.

  3. Those are beautiful! They are almost as good as the ones I’ve created (in my head) for him several times. I’m better at painting in my head than on paper.

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