Enza dreams

second enza dreams
I was needing inspiration, so Enza came over and took the chair next to me. She is a thirteen year old tortoiseshell former feral cat that took over our lives about 13 years ago.
This morning, I was able to sketch her twice for some small quick paintings, this is the first. I experimented using “dry brush” technique for the first time today. Interesting and fun. The first painting is not for sale, the second is. $50.00 takes it home.

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  1. lovely picture, Mimi. We have a semi-feral kitty too so I know what a gift they are. Their affections are not quickly given so it a wonderful feeling when they become comfortable in your presence. It’s a huge accomplishment.
    I like the technique. There is more complexity to the darker tones, a nice touch for showing contrasts and increasing intensity in the colours. Looks like you’re having fun with it.

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