Day 6 – Whimsy cat is back!

When I first started painting watercolors, I was not too sure of the media. I was so intimidated that I decided to concentrate on just one thing; whimsy cats. I painted whimsy cats for weeks. they were very basic, yet, somehow fetching. At a fundraiser for a cat neuter/spay clinic, two of my whimsy cats were the very first things sold. Right then I realized I was onto something, and gradually started painting other things. Somehow one of my whimsy cats has a life of its own on Pinterest. It has been pinned more than any of my other stuff, and it does not appear that I was the first person to put it on there. That led me to today, I thought I’d paint another whimsy cat, on a whim.

This painting measures 5″ x 7″ and is SOLD!

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3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Whimsy cat is back!”

  1. We all need a little whimsy in our lives…Your purple Whimsy Cat is hanging in my daughter’s apartment and she loves it almost as much as I do.
    Thank you for painting a new one to brighten today.


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