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Postmarked 2010 continues

February 20th, 2010 2 comments

After sending in several envelope-shaped art works, I got a bit more creative. I sent two different watercolors on real watercolor paper, here’s one. Sorry I have not been painting much in the last two months, we have a family member recovering from a grave illness and it’s been tough to carry on with normal activities.

There’s still time for you to participate – and in March there will be an online auction!

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One last glance at Autumn Colors

November 10th, 2009 No comments
9 x 12 watercolor - November

The season of Autumn has flown by us, the trees seemed to hold their leaves forever, and they were resplendent. One day this week I saw the wind come up and I knew, these leaves were destined to finally fall. And this is pretty much like what it looked like from my window.

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Liberty Bell Mountain, North Cascades – Plein Aire

August 12th, 2009 2 comments

libertybell187This is a Plein Aire, which means I painted it right there on the spot.
There are few vistas anywhere as breathtaking as this mountain. Lucky for me, I was able to stop and paint it this weekend. This is in the morning light; it is different in the afternoon. Named because someone thought it looked like the Liberty Bell, it still has snow hiding in some of the shadows in August. It can be found in the north Cascades range, as you approach Mazama and Winthrop, Washington

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Light Rail in South East Seattle!

July 19th, 2009 2 comments

Ever since I rode the tram to Rome, I have been excited about Light Rail, so when our lives were disrupted for over 3 years of construction, I was a lot more patient with it than you might expect from me. And yesterday, July 18th was opening day. Here in my neighborhood, they planned a little party and I was invited as an artist to attend and I shared a tent with Seanna Jordan, who paints whimsical colorful pet portraits. It was a riot. I sold commemorative paintings like this one to Greg Nickels, to wannabe King County Executive Larry Phillips, and I made a special one for Tom Rauf, one of the movers and shakers who is building the new Condominiums called “The Station at Othello” I painted a representation of his own buildings in the painting for him. I had watched him musing over the others and I guessed that he might like one that included his dream. I also met the author of “oldladyonabike” blog, Mona Lee.

My husband and I hopped aboard the light rail to discover — new light rail smell! a lot like new car smell, only different. We rode to Tukwila and back and except for the long lines at Tukwila, we had a great time. The views as you head towards the airport are great. Together with all the other people in our car, we wondered where we will put our luggage when we finally do have the opportunity to take this train to the airport.
It was a fun day!

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