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  • Day 10 – nonna on the 3rd floor – Napoli

    In the amazing city of Naples, people watching is a fine art. Everyone is looking at everyone. Some older people pass their day watching… everything. This old woman lived opposite from our friend’s apartment. I found her to be more entertaining than the people she was watching. This painting is on sale, it is bargain […]

  • Day 8 – It’s not in the bag! (1st of the Naples series)

    In 2006, my husband and I spent two weeks in one of the most colorful cities in the world… Naples.. We rented a furnished apartment and every day we did a commute which included taking the subway and walking through the most amazing crowds of people. My husband spent his days attending an Italian immersion […]

  • Zio Totò a most memorable person

    In 1989, with the proceeds of my husband’s $800 bonus check, I went with my mother to Italy. We stayed in Rome for a week, and then we took a quick trip to Sersale, a small town in Calabria where my grandfather was born, and we stayed there just 24 hours. The trip to Calabria […]

  • Vicino al mare – near the sea

    After winning a ribbon for one of my Italian themed paintings last week AND selling it, I decided I would have to paint a few more. Goodness knows I have hundreds of photos, great reference material, many taken by my late husband who was a talented photographer from our many trips to Italy. This painting […]

  • Juried into an art show, no, TWO art shows

    We never really think much about how those paintings hanging on walls in art galleries got there. What is it all about? This summer I responded to two different invitations to juried art shows. A juried show is one where someone decides whose paintings will appear in the show. Then they are judged, and winners […]