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  • horse doodles

    I was given an assignment; to try and reproduce the millions of doodles I did as a young person, of horses. I started out a little intimidated by doodling with a paint brush, but by the 8th one, I was having fun, and this one was #9. This little horse is doing what they call […]

  • The Sentry – Mustangs running free

    While wild mustangs or feral horses are considered pests by many, and by others, nothing more than weeds; their argument being that when Columbus arrived on our shores, there were no horses. Archaeological records show there were plenty of horses here, they were probably just hunted to extinction by hungry humans. I, for one welcome […]

  • Friends

    This postcard – sized painting says friendship and tranquility to me. I was really enjoying painting the colors of these two horses. I also like how the sky glows pink around them. This postcard is not for sale.

  • An opportunity to make a postage stamp!

    Being a big fan of postal art, I became very excited when I heard about this swap. Initially I had to buy a post card, which cost about two dollars and came all the way from England. The blog, Friends and Faux, is filled with wonderful examples of filled out and partially filled out cards. […]

  • My quick vacation with Chris, Roaches and the Omak Stampede

    Well, it was just an idea I had one morning, I’d take Chris and her horse crazy granddaughter to the Omak stampede. Unfortunately, the granddaughter couldn’t go with us. We listened to cousin Kathy Peterson’s band, Loose Change, visited with cousins, (a lot more cousins than I expected!) and got to see, draw and pet […]