Category: food art

  • Day 11 – Bee in the blackberry blossoms

    My husband was the pieman. And his favorite pie to make was blackberry. So when the blackberries started to bloom, he kept an eye on them. This is a photo he took of a bee pollinating a blackberry flower. He emailed this photo to me with the order: “PAINT THIS” well, I finally did. Nothing […]

  • Pomegranate – the jewel fruit

    I don’t remember my first pomegranate, but I do remember as a child deciding that pomegranates deserved their own holiday. I chose the 28th of September – about the time they showed up in the supermarket. I insisted upon a pomegranate every year so I could celebrate that day. Over the years I have noticed […]

  • Le Castagne – Chestnuts

    In Calabria, once upon a time before there were tomatoes (there was a time like this!) and before there was inexpensive pasta, people subsisted on Chestnuts – there was little else so readily available to stave off starvation in the wintertime. They boiled them with other vegetables, they dried them and ground them up for […]

  • PRUGNI – Italian Plums

    This year the raspberries weren’t too great, the figs were a terrible disappointment, but we have plums! They are also called Italian Prunes. Now why would someone paint Italian Prunes? It came to me in a dream. I was frustrated because my paintings haven’t been inspiring me lately, and so I dreamed that my husband […]