Category: flowers

  • Peonies again

    This painting is a half sheet, 14″ x 22″. It was very challenging to paint this size. I tried my best to display the wonderful colors of Alma’s peonies. It could brighten up your wall. This painting is for sale, please inquire if you are interested.

  • Alma’s peonies

    Every neighborhood has one, a neighbor whose yard makes the street look beautiful. During all seasons, Alma’s yard glows in multicolored arrays of all kinds of flowers. The other day, I walked by her yard and the peony display was so gorgeous that I had to stop to take it all in. Here is my […]

  • hot pink against the blue sky

    Landscaper Arthur Lee Jacobson suggested I put this tree in my yard instead of a regular redbud This is my representation of the Cercis Silaquastrum. Even though it’s spindly and doesn’t drop its seed pods, every spring we are treated to a feast of color even when it’s grey outside. But when the sky is […]

  • Daffodils again

    It’s spring. It has been raining. Everything is wet, but the sun came out, so the flowers and the leaves are all glistening. Inspired by light, this painting was born. It looks much better in person, the colors actually glow. It measures 10″ x 14″ and it, too is for sale $150.00. If you buy […]

  • Daffodil time again

    I painted these flowers out in the yard yesterday. There were little violets everywhere surrounding a proud stand of daffodils. I didn’t feel like painting hundreds of violets, but I felt they were too important to leave them out of the painting. This is the result. The painting measures 10″ X 14″ and was painted […]