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The glow of autumn

November 16th, 2010 3 comments

You’d probably be surprised at how many paintings of autumn colors I’ve attempted and then tossed in frustration.

The weather here in November is tempestuous, to say the least. The sky will have big pregnant dark clouds and wind and sunshine and rain all in the same day. And the trees glow. I’ve seen it. They clash with the dark sky and fill my eyes with their incredible color. Right after a rainfall, even the streets and the wet cars reflect the color of the leaves on and off the trees. It always seems magical to me, and I guess I’ll just keep trying to paint what I see.

I won’t pretend that this painting has finally captured that which I seek. But I’m getting closer.

This painting is available for the bargain price of $45 if anyone falls in love with it.
It measures 7″ X 10″ and is on Arches fine watercolor paper.

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Monday Morning Commute – East Marginal Way

September 20th, 2010 5 comments

One of the things that I love are the rough urban areas where you might find derelict factories, railroad tracks, and roads less traveled. I marvel at the emptiness of these spaces where once there were so much noise, cars and industry. This very spot in Seattle, (it’s the corner of Ellis and East Marginal Way South) has been part of my daily commute for over 30 years. When drive my car to work, I sit at a very long light there and stare at that building and that old pickup truck (which is for sale, by the way). Other times, about twice a week all year round, I ride my bicycle to work. In the summertime, I ride right past this scene. As I mentioned earlier, it is a road less traveled, but it’s where trucks go when the major highways are jammed up, so the peace that can be found there on a Saturday morning bike ride vanishes on a Monday morning commute. The cyclist is doing his best to find a path on that broken pavement that is safe. If he’s lucky, he will not have to deal with a lot of traffic and he’ll get to work on time, with rosy cheeks and a smile. And the old pickup truck will continue turning from blue to brown, as its elements react to the steady rain.

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