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  • At Vivian’s House

    I can remember the first time I went to Phil and Vivian William’s house. I was an aspiring musician, and the house was full of sound, of music, of laughing. It was beautiful and intimidating. Everywhere I looked I saw amazing artifacts, and in every corner, violin cases. There were many friendly faces, some of […]

  • My Tonsu

    This winter has been a long dry period for me. I haven’t been inspired to paint. Hoping that a class might help, I started a class with Tom Hoffmann, a local artist and instructor. This week he told us that we didn’t have to waste time looking for stuff to paint, just sit down and […]

  • Thirty day challenge – collage

    What a month! I made a collage of all the work I did. I sold ten paintings out of thirty, and made almost 400 dollars for endangered species conservation! There are several more of these paintings for sale. If you travel backwards on this blog, you can see which are available and which are not. […]

  • Day 18 – His sweater

    Many of you know that my husband died recently. I can write it in a sentence and it sounds so matter of fact. You can meet me and talk to me, and you’d never know what it’s like inside of my head. Widows (and widowers) can smile and laugh, many young widows carry on with […]

  • Plein Aire in downtown Seattle

    What would you do if someone told you that they would give you $100 if you’d set up an easel and paint pictures outside just long enough to have it recorded forever? Well, I said yes! I was told I had to be at 1st Street and Battery Street at 3:00 pm, so I got […]