Black-footed cat

blackfootedcatIn Southern Africa live one of the tiniest cat species that exists. They are called Black-footed cats, and they are smaller than a house cat. They are small, but ferocious, and are nicknamed anthill tigers. T And it’s a direct donation to the International Society for Endangered Cats. I’ll pay the postage. This painting is sold!

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One thought on “Black-footed cat”

  1. I attest that 100% of the proceeds of any of this artist’s work, whether wild cats, humans or other subjects go to the International Society for Endangered Cats. More information about this may be found at: and that she has researched their organization and found them worthy of support.

    100% of commissions from animal portraits made of animals living in an orphanage for domestic cats living in a war zone go to support Il Gattaro di Aleppo. This organization has survived numerous bombing and losses of emergency vehicles and the veterinarian and lead organizer of the place have been injured. The children and animals living there are cared for as best as can be done under the circumstances. More on this organization can be learned at:

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