Bisnonna – Antonia Cavaliere

I never knew her, she died when my mother was a little girl. All that I know of her are from stories. Stories my mother told me about how affectionate she was, in her childhood where she got little affection. Stories my grandmother told me of a woman who was clever, but didn’t speak English, learning how to barter and dicker in the USA for the things she needed to buy. The woman who could spin a tale from a time when the only entertainment after dark were stories told around the fire. She had several books memorized, and their hearth was a favorite in the neighborhood. She could sew, cook, raise vegetables and livestock. I wore a nightgown she made for her trousseau once, she was really good with a needle. She died when she was 62 years old, younger than I am now. Sometimes I wish she and I could sit down and talk.

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2 Responses to Bisnonna – Antonia Cavaliere

  1. Stephen Bamford says:

    The artist always donates 100% of the proceeds of sales of her art to Il Gatarro di Aleppo and the International Society for Endangered Cats. Both are worthwhile organizations. is one link while the other may be found at Facebook’s link:

  2. IntenseGuy says:

    I used to work with an Anthony Cavaliere.

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