If you’re really romantic and you like bikes, this painting might grab you. It is obvious to me anyway that the owners of these two bikes are lovers. Even the bike lock seems to form a part of a heart as it encircles the two bikes. This is a 6″ x 6″ painting. This painting is sold!


2 thoughts on “Bike Love

  1. It is indeed a romantic picture. We were considering buying it and before we did saw it was sold. Oh well, I thought. I’m sure it will go somewhere and remind people of love.

    What a surprise when it arrived at our door. Thank you to you and my sister, Ann.

  2. Mimi: That is a romantic painting. 🙂
    I bet if you turned that painting into a T-shirt and had Susan at TeamEstrogen sell it, it just might sell a few. Think about turning a painting or so as a print for her to sell… to widen your distribution contacts.

    My best wishes for a good Christmas with your boys.

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