Once again I return to this method of painting a face. This is a portrait of my heart side, a man I recently became reacquainted with.

This painting method is incredibly useful for learning a face. It helps me see midtones and shadow, and keeps me from painting with the left side of my brain. A vigorating exercise which helps me see in ways I couldn’t before and keeps me guessing until the very end. I keep all of the portraits I painted this way in a book. Maybe some day my descendants will get a kick out of looking through them.


2 thoughts on “Another Acrylic portrait painted in the style of Chris Crites

  1. Dear Mimi, I thought of you today when I opened the Communiverity catalogue from UMKC–University of Missouri in Kansas City–and saw a 2-session course to introduce participants to painting watercolors. I signed up for the course, which is on two Saturdays in October from 1 to 5. I’m eager to learn what I can and then maybe to actually stick with something. You’ve inspired me! Peace.

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