An opportunity to make a postage stamp!


Being a big fan of postal art, I became very excited when I heard about this swap. Initially I had to buy a post card, which cost about two dollars and came all the way from England. The blog, Friends and Faux, is filled with wonderful examples of filled out and partially filled out cards. What a wonderful collection of teeny tiny art to be able to be a part of!

So I designed a stamp, a beautiful unicorn-horse trotting through a meadow in the woods. I am sending it to a mail art buddy of mine in Staten Island. Hopefully she will be as excited about it as I am, and will send it on.

I am getting another postcard soon, and I will design a different stamp for it. If you would like to be the next person to play with me, (make a stamp, and send the postcard to yet another person ) please let me know in a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “An opportunity to make a postage stamp!”

  1. This will be a dying art….Canada Post just announced 2 days ago of drastically delivery and moving a lot more to community postboxes. Postage stamp costs will rise again.

    Hope you are well, Mimi. Warm wishes for holidays.

  2. I haven’t got my head around it yet, but hey! I’ll give your stamp a try. I presume instructions will be included?

    Why I dropped by it that I noticed you signed up for Leslie Saeta’s 30 in 30 challenge. I’m one of the challenge artists too. My name is Sea Dean and I decided to hop around the blogs to introduce myself.

    If you want to limber up for next month, I’m currently running a less stressful ART PARTY over at my blog. You can post any painting that fits the theme, any day till December 24th. Each daily link is open for posting for 24 hours. If you don’t want to post you can have fun voting for your favourites.

    Hope to see you there.

    Sign up with instructions is here

    Once you register you can post your work any day here

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