A Sunny Day in Seattle

It has been a long dark winter here. Day upon day of greyness and colder than normal temperatures have dulled the enthusiasm of even the most loyal Seattlelites. But a week ago the clouds parted and the sun came out and the temperature rose above 60 degrees for a day. I rode my bicycle across the 1st avenue bridge and below me there were kayakers, cormorants, barges and beautiful blue Duwamish waters. What, the Duwamish is blue? Why certainly it is, when the sun is out!

The Duwamish is a humble river, scorned by most, but it has a run of chum salmon every year and at least from this one vantage point, there is a magnificent view of Mount Rainier. These unloved places are the ones I love the most, there are no tourists or postcards showing this view, but I found it and share it with you on this 14″ x 20″ piece of watercolor paper.

This painting is for sale $350.00

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4 thoughts on “A Sunny Day in Seattle”

  1. As I write this snow comes softly down; it won’t stick, and the sky will remain gray. Lucky you for the sun and blue skies! And your work on the picture makes me want to dive in!

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