a crow day

Today was a crow kind of day. June is the month of the year when the days are the longest, and the crows who are raising babies are waking up much earlier (and waking me up too) than they do other months of the year. As always, living in Seattle, I see crows all the time doing their dance of life in the trees, on the street, in the green areas around us. These paintings are sold.

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3 thoughts on “a crow day”

  1. These guys are super! Crows are very naughty birds, are they stealing or adding? That’s the question. Sold already, no surprise there. We have millions of crows where I am. When I am out on my training field I’ve gotten so I can tell who is out in the pines trees chatting. If you listen carefully they all have different voices. Dee is right, crows are smarter than your average bear.

  2. Dear Mimi, I’m glad that your second painting shows the intelligence of crows. I watched a PBS nature show that illustrating their intelligence. They’re fascinating birds. Peace.

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