29 Faces art challenge – day 1- Lord Byron

For the month of February, I will be concentrating on faces, and since it is very hard for me to find people to actually pose for me, I will be sketching pictures of historical paintings to fill in the gaps with real people.
An artist named Ayala has set up a blog, 29 Faces Art Challenge to encourage us. I chose Lord Byron as my first face. I had no idea he was so handsome! He died from a fever when he was in Greece at the age of 32. He is one of the most important British Poets..

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23 thoughts on “29 Faces art challenge – day 1- Lord Byron”

  1. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know (as one of his contemporaries said of Lord Byron)! He is wonderful! Love the way you built the upper lip and lower nose. Great work!

  2. I’ve just popped over from Manon Popje’s and have to say I love your drawings! You must be very disciplined to draw a face every day for 29 days πŸ™‚

  3. What a great idea. I have been wondering where to get my inspiration from after a while. I was thinking of illustrating people in songs possibly. He is very handsome. I had no idea he died so young.

  4. Handsome indeed. And you have done him credit. But I read he was a real womanizer, which makes dislike him.

    I do like your idea of drawing from historical paintings. It does become hard to find a suitable face for the challenge.

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