Month: May 2017

  • Phil and Vivian Williams portrait

    Phil Williams, recently deceased, was, with his wife and partner, Vivian, one of the most important people in the folk music community in the northwest. I first learned about them in the early 1980s, because my young husband at the time had seen them at Weiser. I enjoyed going to jams at their house, and […]

  • Il sogno di Ernesto – Ernesto’s dream

    Ernesto is a little cat that was born in Aleppo, Syria. He was one of the very few cats that was able to survive and evacuated the town in those very last moments last winter. I think Ernesto, who is usually contented just to have a good meal, also dreams of a world where there […]

  • horse doodles

    I was given an assignment; to try and reproduce the millions of doodles I did as a young person, of horses. I started out a little intimidated by doodling with a paint brush, but by the 8th one, I was having fun, and this one was #9. This little horse is doing what they call […]