Month: September 2014

  • True love’s embrace

    So recently, the teenager in me has been reborn, so I decided to paint like one. When I was a teen, I drew a lot of pictures like this one. I had a set of pastels, which I used to express myself. I drew tragic figures, lots of hugging and maybe even kissing.. Think Romeo […]

  • On the lake

    In between portraits, I still need to paint, so I paint a lot of postcards. This one, which is a deliberate attempt at using more muted colors, already has a stamp on it.

  • The incredible lightness of being

    One of the hardest things to do in portraiture is to catch the essence of a person. Features are bad enough, but to actually catch personality is the trick that everyone who ever painted a portrait is wanting to do. I have been very fortunate in my life to know people of all ages, and […]

  • Tiger look out

    Tiger, the mighty hunter, the largest cat in the world, you need to look out. You need to use your wits to stay alive. You always have, but now it’s even more important, with threats coming from every direction by humans who are overrunning your habitat. You are one of the most beautiful animals that […]

  • All smiles

    On a roll after painting Theresa yesterday, I painted another face. I was fortunate to have gotten the reference photo, taken in natural light, which is the most important consideration for a painted portrait. The smile is one of the most ubiquitous facial poses we see, but it is the hardest to paint. Smiles are […]