Month: April 2014

  • Painting in the garden

    This time of year my garden is a riot of color. After several attempts at trying to capture the blue woods hyacinths which fill the whole yard with fragrance, I did a study of just them and I was finally able to get a color that evokes what they look like in my yard. There […]

  • Oaxaca Street

    The most exciting plein aire experience I had in Oaxaca was this one. We were left to our own devices on a narrow street without an actual sidewalk. The only thing keeping me from getting taken out by cars was this telephone pole between me and the cars… It ended up being a nice painting […]

  • Tender sketches from the beginnings of my adult life

    Tender sketches from the beginnings of my adult life

    I am going through stuff in my house, trying to reduce clutter. As a result, I found these wonderful treasures from my past. This first portrait is of young love. We used to sit and gaze into each other’s eyes. True love. This is Donald, but a little stylized. Hey, I was in love!   […]

  • Tom Hoffmann workshop – final day – Abstract

    Our last lesson with Tom Hoffmann in Oaxaca started with him just painting colors. He talked about design, composition, and shapes. It seemed really intimidating, but once I started painting, it was fun. We were in a small forgotten corner of a huge Mercado. He explained that this was a perfect place for all kinds […]

  • Tom Hoffmann workshop Mitla and the still

    After a wonderful morning visiting the ruins at Mitla where a church was built right onto the walls of an ancient structure and painting for a while, we headed back to Oaxaca, eating lunch at a great restaurant which was also a mescal manufacturer. Tom got us permission to sit in the warehouse where they […]