Month: March 2014

  • Tom Hoffmann workshop in Oaxaca – day 1

    In 2009, I wanted to go to Tom Hoffmann‘s Oaxaca workshop. Donald and I discussed it, and I was ready to make a commitment, but alas, that year, we had a huge income tax payment to make, so I just couldn’t justify going. I started thinking about it in 2013, but I had already made […]

  • What I did on Saturday morning

    Just for fun, I went to a seminar taught by my nephew Chris Crew, on how to get a license for growing or selling marijuana in the state of Washington. As many of you know, it’s legal in our state now, so one imagines that we are in the same position as the country was […]

  • Three’s not a crowd.. with crows

    Three’s not a crowd.. with crows

    Seattle is greenest this time of year. Whether the skies are grey or blue or mixed, the grass glistens with green vitality that becomes even more vivid when crows in their sparkling black suits do their funny dance in it. This painting is not for sale.

  • Daffodils in the window

    Yesterday in yoga class, I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful daffodils that were sitting in the window alcove above me. Now, in yoga, you are supposed to focus on your breathing and not think of anything except what you are doing. But there were those flowers, glowing into the room. I did my […]

  • Chillin’ at Folklife

    As I sit here today, cringing every time the wind throws more rain on my window, I think back to the warm weekend of the Folklife festival It was such a glorious day, my dear husband and I took many photos because it seemed that everyone had come out to enjoy the music and the […]