Month: October 2012

  • Inexorable force of nature – composition crash course workshop

    I attended a nice workshop today taught by Anne Lewis called “Crash Course In Composition” at the Gage school in Seattle. We started out cutting out black construction paper circles, we were armed with scissors, x-acto knives and glue. We felt like we were in kindergarten again, it was freeing and pleasant. We did a […]

  • Out for a walk

    All over Italy, you can find them. Retired gentleman out for their walk “Passeggiata” it is called. This is one thing that Italian culture espouses that our does not. People go on walks. Old and young, all over Italy, out for passeggiata. In some places, it is more prevalent than others; like Cefalu’ and Pozzuoli; […]

  • Peter, an Italian cat – commission

    Just finished a commission on a lovely brown tabby cat who lives a great life in a large walled in yard in Italy. Peter is a very friendly cat, having wiggled his way into the hearts of his people. The trick with this portrait is that it had to be opposite a portrait of their […]

  • Glory of the Sun – the Sunflower

    When Donald Boothby was a very young man, he discovered gardening. He was introduced to it by his foster parents Butch and Sonna Pankey, but when he got out of the service he moved to Boise and planted a great garden full of peppers, tomatoes, corn, and sunflowers. He took pictures of his garden, and […]

  • Lion Guard – Monselice

    Another wonderful thing about Italy is all the statuary. Outside of a castle, there is a gate. On each side of the gate stands a bigger than life sized lion, standing guard. In case you didn’t know he was the king of beasts, he wears a crown to remind you. I painted this with only […]