Month: May 2012

  • The Dance of the Slithy Toves

    As a painter of realism, sometimes I have to just let go and paint crazy stuff. And then push it as far as it will take me. Here I have a trio of slithy toves dancing around a borogove. While Lewis Carroll (who wrote the Jabberwocky in which these creatures came to light for the […]

  • Commissioned Wedding Portrait, 60 years later

    Every now and then someone asks the impossible. Can you paint me a picture from this old black and white photo? Most of the time, there is plenty of resolution in those old photos, so it isn’t too hard to do. but this is what I had to work with: I agonized over this one, […]

  • From Finland

    I cannot remember how I got to know this lovely Finnish lady. We were both learning Italian, and we visited on the internet. Then when Facebook became popular, I found her there too and we played scrabble in Italian together, she was one of the few patient enough to do so with me because neither […]

  • Bobcat – our small North American Wildcat

    Bobcats, nocturnal hunters, can be found in almost every state of the union, but most people have never seen one, except maybe in a zoo. They inhabit the borderlands, hunting small prey like mice, squirrels, possums and rabbits. Unlike the Lynx, the other small North American wild cat, which will only hunt rabbit, the bobcat […]

  • Baudelia – portrait of my neighbor

    People that are into cars are always seeing cars that they like, people who are into dogs are always running into fun dogs. Well, what I love are faces, and when I saw this woman for the first time, I knew I had to paint her. She speaks very little English, being a native of […]