Month: April 2012

  • Zebra Dove

    One of the first things that I noticed visiting Hawaii were the birds. Everywhere we looked were beautiful colorful birds. In the morning when you awaken, you can hear them, they are on the beach, in the trees, waiting for you underfoot while you sit at a restaurant outside in the evening breeze. The Zebra […]

  • Y is for yellow-eyed cat

    Thank you for reading my previous posts about endangered and threatened small wild cats (the letters B, F, I, K, L, M, O, P, and R). Together, with a little knowledge, we are taking the first steps to help them to continue to exist. But this time we’ll talk about a domestic cat. What can […]

  • Xenoclea – The postman butterfly

    The Heliconius Xenoclea is one of 39 varieties of Heliconius butterflies, popularly known as Longwings, and are found only in the neotropics. They are easily recognised by their distinctive patterns, elongated forewings and characteristic delicate fluttering flight. Most species produce a variety of different colour forms or morphs, which are often mimetic of unpalatable Danaines, […]

  • Whimsy cats

    When I started painting watercolors I hit on a theme, “whimsy cats” and painted dozens of them. Based on my patient and wise cat, Enza, I painted them all from the rear view, looking immense from an ant’s eye view in the tall grass. All of them are small, postcard sized or a little larger, […]

  • V is for Vermillion Valentine

    I can remember the first time I was given a cheap set of pastels, one of the colors was Vermillion. My favorite color, it sent me in rhapsodies to swish it around on my paper. This love affair with the hues between orange and red continues with me to this day. It surprises me how […]