Month: March 2012

  • Cormorants – Mimi tries acrylic painting

    I took an Intro to Acrylic class last week, taught by Alicia Harvey, who I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a start with the acrylic medium. I sat side by side with my husband, a total beginner to the world of painting, and the two of us explored and went in completely […]

  • Homeless Joe – in my neighborhood

    I have seen this guy sitting out by the Interstate highway off ramp in all kinds of weather. He sits so quietly you might not even see him. He looks at you, past you, through you. And of course, we try to do the same as we pass him by in our safe warm cars. […]

  • Eccentric artist Mimi T Boothby participates in A to Z challenge which starts April 1st

    Rachel Morgan from Rachel Morgan Writes made a video that explains it. On April 1st I am participating in a huge social experiment called the A to Z challenge. Over 1200 bloggers including yours truly, will be blogging 26 separate days with subjects beginning with something that starts with A on April the 1st and […]

  • Happy birthday surprise!

    Looking for the best kind of gift? How about a portrait of you and your favorite furry friend? Since this painting is a birthday surprise, I am not mentioning any names, but the person in the picture once made me a wonderful set of curtains that still hang in my office. One good turn deserves […]

  • Donald’s Dream – the Hunter

    I don’t know about you, but when someone wants to tell me about their dream, I get uncomfortable, because most dreams are utterly boring to anyone except the dreamer. So when my husband started telling me about this dream, my initial reaction vanished as his tale unfolded. I took a deep breath and sat down […]