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Ilenia – Facebook is better than the telephone

November 2nd, 2010 6 comments

I have had the good fortune to have found lots of really nice relatives in Italy but for years I have not had a good way to get in touch with them. I wrote letters that were never answered. I made phone calls and could not understand what people were saying because the lines were bad, or… maybe just because I’m nervous. And then there was the 9 hour time difference, making it really difficult to find a good time to call people.
So whenever I needed to communicate with a relative over there, it was like a shot in the dark… Until Ilenia friended me on Facebook.

I already had some teenagers who were my friends on Facebook so I didn’t have high expectations. But Ilenia was different. She quickly became my means of communication with the family in Sersale. So I owed her a great debt of gratitude.

When she saw the painting I did of her grandfather, she immediately asked me if I would paint one of her. I was noncommittal in response to her request, but without really thinking about it, I found myself doing a photo session with Ilenia posing sassily. I really love the way Italian teenagers interact with adults – like we’re all people.

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