Month: September 2010

  • Italian Vacation

    On Sunday I will be leaving for a two week vacation in sunny (I hope) Italy. I will probably not be blogging from there; I will not have much free time. However, I will be sketching and casing out some future paintings. This painting is of the door that used to be on the house […]

  • Monday Morning Commute – East Marginal Way

    One of the things that I love are the rough urban areas where you might find derelict factories, railroad tracks, and roads less traveled. I marvel at the emptiness of these spaces where once there were so much noise, cars and industry. This very spot in Seattle, (it’s the corner of Ellis and East Marginal […]

  • And the winner is:

    Thank you all for all of your wonderful entries in the contest. We got a large range of entries, from a Haiku to a short story. Some were funny, some were sweet and some were macabre I really enjoyed them. I’d like to start with my honorable mention, because she really did create a mood. […]

  • Little Naches River

    This weekend we rode our bikes over Chinook Pass, about 5200 feet above sea level. From there we flew down the mountain (on our bikes) and stopped at Whistling Jack’s Lodge, founded in 1931. Now a Whistling Jack is actually a hoary marmot, and they live in that high altitude area. One of our friends […]

  • Cherry Blossoms are passionately pink

    One of the fun things artists get to do is enter art shows. An art gallery sends out a notice asking for artists to paint a certain theme, a certain subject or even a particular kind of medium. In this case, the C Art Gallery asked us to paint something pink for a fund raiser […]